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Cleveland and Columbus offer an LGBTQ+ business certification process. So why aren’t any businesses actually certified?

In 2015, Cleveland became one of the first cities to offer Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Business Enterprise certification through the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce. The certifications are part of an intentional effort to create jobs, provide opportunities, and build equity … if people sign up.

Beyond shade and powder, these make-up lessons prove to be so much more for trans clients

From her studio in Cuyahoga Falls, Coco Miletti and her assistant of 2 years, Jake Hallett, ply a trade synonymous with transformation: cosmetics. In their perch above Front Street, Miletti and Hallett offer a wide range of services, from hair and make-up styling for boudoir photography and weddings to ground-up makeup lessons and instructions for people who are transitioning.

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