Stephanie Czekalinski

Czekalinski had a decades-long career in journalism writing about immigration, violence, demographic change, and policy. Her award-winning work appeared in The Atlantic, The National Journal, and The Columbus Dispatch. She recently returned to journalism after taking a break from the work she deeply loved to care for her family. The experience was difficult and clarifying. She realized that the most intoxicating – and deeply missed – aspect of being a journalist was possessing the platform for truth-telling. What she learned in the purifying crucible of motherhood is that The Truth is best expressed by many people, that the world thirsts for expressions of experience that ring true, and that very few people feel empowered to speak Truth and share it with others. Now she’s embarking on a new adventure at NPR.

Stephanie's Latest Articles

Who pays property taxes to support services when the economy is dominated by nonprofits?

Fifty years ago, when Clevelanders needed to fund schools, pay for parks or expand libraries they relied on booming tax revenue from large companies. General Motors, Republic Steel Corp. and Ford Motor Co. employed thousands of people and provided a tax base to fund services for the community. But Cuyahoga County’s economy has changed.
Color-coded map of Cleveland showing redlining

The debate over tax breaks for nonprofit Cleveland-area hospitals is also about racism and redlining

For years, hospitals and public policy wonks have been engaged in an ongoing debate over whether nonprofit hospitals provide adequate benefits to the community to make the tax breaks they receive a good deal for taxpayers. That debate is further complicated by the history of racist policies like redlining that still affect Clevelanders today.

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