Who pays property taxes to support services when the economy is dominated by nonprofits?

Fifty years ago, when Clevelanders needed to fund schools, pay for parks or expand libraries they relied on booming tax revenue from large companies. General Motors, Republic Steel Corp. and Ford Motor Co. employed thousands of people and provided a tax base to fund services for the community. But Cuyahoga County’s economy has changed.

The debate over tax breaks for nonprofit Cleveland-area hospitals is also about racism and redlining

For years, hospitals and public policy wonks have been engaged in an ongoing debate over whether nonprofit hospitals provide adequate benefits to the community to make the tax breaks they receive a good deal for taxpayers. That debate is further complicated by the history of racist policies like redlining that still affect Clevelanders today.

Cleveland nonprofit hospitals get millions in property tax breaks. Many are asking, ‘Is it worth it?’

An Ideastream analysis of Cuyahoga County fiscal records shows that the clinic owned at least $2.4 billion in tax-exempt property countywide as of 2018 assessments. If that property was taxable, it would contribute about $84 million to government coffers annually.

The Land takes home honors at Ohio Excellence in Journalism awards

This past week, The Land writers Grant Segall and Michael Indriolo took home honors with the Press Club of Cleveland’s All Ohio Excellence in Journalism awards.

Ohio’s first LGBTQ residential building feels inclusive to some, like ‘just apartments’ to others

As the building approaches its sixth anniversary, some former residents and the building’s founder and co-developer say it’s not fulfilling its promise to be a space that proactively supports older LGBTQ people.

MidTown’s tree champion goes citywide

Samira Malone has become the first director and employee of the Cleveland Tree Coalition, which hopes to reforest the Forest City.

How NE Ohio communities are building small transit solutions to solve big issue of sprawl

In Northeast Ohio, the continuing sprawl of urban and suburban development has placed some major job centers out-of-the-way for many workers.

Stuck in Cleveland: riders struggle to use public transit to get to work

The recent route redesign of public transit routes did improve some riders’ ability to get to their jobs, but transit advocates like Marvetta Rutherford, who has had to walk an extra 30 minutes after a bus ride to get to work, say more needs to be done.

What do you want to know about criminal courts in Cleveland?

Submit your questions here, and The Marshall Project’s team will scrape records from the court’s public docket to answer them.

Pride in the CLE returns to downtown on Saturday, June 4th

True to its grassroots ideal that Pride is not a moment but a movement, Pride in the CLE begins at noon this Saturday, with a march in downtown Cleveland followed by a festival on Malls B and C.

City pushes electric mowers to improve air quality

When the city said it was giving away $100 to the first 200 residents who were willing to swap out their gas mower for a cleaner electric one, the spots were claimed quickly. Replacing lawn mowers won’t put us in the clear for improving air quality, but it’s a start.

Growth in Glenville: Strong near University Circle, but lagging to the north

During the last few years, new businesses, housing, and arts organizations have opened along E. 105th St. in Glenville, bringing new life to the area. But most of this new development has been concentrated near University Circle. Further north along E. 105th St. new development has not yet taken root as expected.

Ms. Hattie’s Daycare has helped Glenville’s single Black mothers for nearly 45 years

Hattie Mae Holifield decided to open a daycare after discovering how difficult it was to find childcare for her four kids. She has defied obstacles to create and sustain a successful daycare from her home, helping raise generations of Clevelanders while reducing childcare costs for mostly single Black mothers.

Residents paint streets to slow down traffic in Slavic Village

Alarmed by a rise in pedestrian safety incidents and car crashes in their neighborhood, residents of Slavic Village recently painted 11 brightly-colored curb bump outs and eye-catching designs on their streets to slow down speeders.

Join us for a conversation with Cleveland, Philadelphia and San Antonio about the cost of water

The Northeast Ohio Solutions Journalism Collaborative and the Cuyahoga County Public Library are hosting a free online conversation on May 31, from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m, about what cities are doing about rising water costs.

More money needed to seed growth of refugees’ businesses

US Together’s successful support of immigrant and refugee enterprises helps build the local economy, but the agency needs funds to keep the effort going into 2023.

How Coit Road Farmers Market is encouraging entrepreneurship among urban farmers

The Coit Road Farmers Market is helping East Clevelanders cultivate their own crops with its beginning farmers apprenticeship program. This program comes just in time for the market’s 90th anniversary and the start of the 2022 growing season.

Slavic Village gardens and green spaces bring beauty while solving vacant lot problem

Often the way we think about gardens and green space are places where we can grow plants, fruits, and vegetables. They also serve as a solution to the growing number of vacant lots in my neighborhood.

My vegan foodie tour of Old Brooklyn

Although many imagine the vegan diet as nothing more than brown rice and steamed broccoli, Cleveland is full of rich vegan dishes — the Old Brookyln neighborhood is no exception to that.

Resident complaints against University Circle Police reveal need for external review board as patrol jurisdiction set to expand

With the jurisdiction of University Circle Police’s jurisdiction poised to expand, longtime residents voiced concern about how the department handles complaints.

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