Welcome to The Land: Malia Ali, Ursuline College


Malia Ali s a 2021 spring intern with The Land. We recently caught up with her to ask her a bit about her background and what she hopes to learn through this experience.

Tell us a little bit about yourself: where you’re from, where you’re attending school, and your major and interests.

I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I attend Ursuline College, majoring in English and Education. I enjoy reading, creating poetry, going for runs and shopping! 

What interests you about journalism? Why did you decide to intern with The Land?

I am interested in journalism as it is a universal communication platform. Journalism is a way to give people a connection to others and an awareness of the events occurring in their environment. I decided to intern with The Land as the mission corresponds with my values and purpose for writing. The Land connects the Cleveland communities and highlights news that main streams dismiss.

What have you learned so far as part of your internship?

Thus far in the internship I learned the power of social media, that it has become a major aspect of how individuals gather their information.

Have you ever written a news story before? What do you find intimidating or exciting about it? What are you most interested in?

I have not written a news story before. I find it difficult to propose the information in a way that is eye catching without using poetic language.

What do you hope to learn or accomplish as part of this internship?

I hope to learn and have a better understanding of how to write a news story and the process of creating newsworthy material.

What do you think are the most important stories about our community that aren’t being told?

The most important stories that are not being told in our community are the positive accounts. The news seems to harp on the negative and declining aspects of communities rather than using the platform to uplift the accomplishments and progress.

As a young person, you’re part of the audience that news organizations are trying to reach. What advice do you have for The Land about creating appealing and interesting content for your demographic?

I would give the advice to create a social media platform that is geared towards the youth. Possibly have two pages in which one is targeted towards an older audience, more cleaner and clear cut postings, while the other one has content that is what younger individuals search for.

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