The Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation invests in The Land

With a $10,000 grant from the Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation, The Land will strengthen its membership and community engagement programs.

The Land is creating a new kind of paywall-free local media with a mission to report on Cleveland neighborhoods and inner-ring suburbs. By carving out a niche in nonprofit news, The Land delivers in-depth stories that foster accountability, inform the community, and inspire people to take action. The Land plans to tap local Cleveland residents’ expertise to help us gather and tell stories. 

“We are grateful to the Fowler Family Foundation for this investment,” said Lee Chilcote, founder, editor, and executive director. “The grant will help us build membership in The Land to fulfill our promise of responding to our audience’s expressed needs and interests. I am especially grateful for the Foundation’s interest in the intersection between journalism and local democracy.” 

Establishing trust in the media within Cleveland neighborhoods is The Land’s primary goal with this funding. The grant will support developing a sustainable membership program that engages our supporters in the work we do. Just entering into its second full year of operation, The Land has more than 450 donors and nearly 200 members invested in nonprofit, non-partisan journalism for Cleveland. In our neighborhoods, The Land uses principles of equitable civic engagement for its reporting work. We take care to learn about and from on-the-ground experts and increase our understanding of community assets. Practices that build on existing relationships with our neighbors inform The Land’s reporting, lifting and sharing voices that have been underreported for too long. 

“Our investment in The Land points to the potential of nonprofit journalism in Cleveland to shape and fill the information void left by the disruptions to traditional newsrooms and news operations in our region,” said Chann Fowler-Spellman, from the Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation. “The community spirit on-the-ground in many Cleveland neighborhoods and inner-ring suburbs is evident when information flows in new and inclusive ways.” 

The Land’s journalism aims to contribute to changing narratives about Cleveland, one neighborhood at a time, and network like-minded people with reported news that not only covers but encourages problem-solving through individual and collective action. 

For information about membership or ways to support The Land, please contact Cindy Bailie.

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