The Land among 4 news organizations selected by The Chronicle of Philanthropy for ‘Philanthropy & Nonprofit Accountability Fellowships’

The Land is honored to be among four news organizations that have been awarded one-year fellowships as part of the inaugural round of the Philanthropy & Nonprofit Accountability Fellowship. 

The fellowship program is administered by the Chronicle of Philanthropy, an independent news organization that covers nonprofits, foundations, and others involved in advancing the social good and is part of an extensive collaboration with the Associated Press and the Conversation designed to shed light on one of the most undercovered — but crucial — sectors of American life.  The Land will use this opportunity to report on equitable economic and workforce development in Cleveland.

Here are the news organization selected for the fellowship:

Boulder (Colo.) Reporting Lab, a nonprofit news organization, started last year to provide local news coverage. BRL will examine the unique role that community foundations play in climate disaster relief and recovery.

Haitian Times (Brooklyn, New York), an independent media organization founded in 1999 that seeks to inform readers about developments in the Haitian Diaspora and Haiti. It will report on foundations and nonprofits working to find solutions in New York’s growing Haitian community.

The Land (Cleveland), a nonprofit news organization founded in 2020 that reports on Cleveland’s neighborhoods. For the fellowship, it will focus on philanthropy’s role in equitable economic and work-force development.

WAMU/DCist (Washington), one of the nation’s largest public radio stations, also operates DCist, an online site that provides local news. WAMU was founded in 1961, while DCist was founded in 2004. It will explore how local nonprofits are addressing gun-violence intervention and the challenges of affordable housing.

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