The Land selected for Meta Journalism Project

Tim Griggs, CEO of Blue Engine Collaborative.

The Land is honored to be among the 30 newsrooms nationwide selected for the Meta Journalism Project’s US Reader Revenue Accelerator program, which begins later this month.

“Meta’s Accelerator is a robust training program built specifically to equip newsroom personnel with the skills, tools and resources they need to build viable and adaptable businesses,” says a press release written by the program’s manager, David Grant. “The Meta Journalism Project Accelerator has trained staff from more than 400 publishers from around the globe.”

Through the program, which is led by Blue Engine Collaborative, The Land will receive a $50,000 grant and work alongside colleagues from a variety of different media backgrounds, longtime community newspapers and fellow upstarts alike. We’re looking forward to learning from them over the course of this 9-month training program. The program follows these four main pillars:

  1. Virtual workshops where participants work with experts and participate in hands-on exercises.

  2. Weekly calls with a dedicated, world-class expert coach.

  3. Grant funding to execute projects using lessons learned.

  4. A community of shared practice in which people work together to support one another’s progress.

It has been only through the support of our readers and of our community that we’ve been able to gradually realize our vision for in-depth local news. A simple thank you wouldn’t be enough to communicate how grateful we are to you all. We will continue doing what we do best, and we hope you’ll stick around to see where this goes!

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