The Land to participate in medical mistrust panel discussion

Michael Indriolo. Photo by Chris Kern.

The Land’s reporting fellow, Michael Indriolo, will participate in a panel discussion about medical mistrust hosted by Universal Health Aid. The forum will take place at the East Cleveland Public Library’s lower auditorium on Monday, Nov. 15, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Register here! It’s free, and food will be provided!

According to the event’s registration page: “The goal here is for both healthcare professionals and community members to see each other as other humans, each with their own lives, families, and goals, and to find ways that we can bridge the gap in health disparities caused by medical mistrust.”

The discussion will also feature Karen Mulloy, a professor at Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine; Yvonka Hall, the executive director of the Northeast Ohio Black Health Coalition; and Jessica Kelley, a sociology and public health professor at Case Western Reserve University.  

Indriolo started covering elections for The Land in September, and now that the elections have concluded he’s focusing on health equity in Cleveland.

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