Cleveland Black Futures Fund secures $1m Facebook grant, will begin making grants next year

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The Cleveland Foundation announced today that thanks to a $1 million grant from Facebook, the newly-created Black Futures Fund has reached $4 million. The fund expects to begin making grants to Black-led and Black-serving social change organizations early next year.

The announcement came as part of Facebook’s efforts to support Black businesses, creators and nonprofits. The Cleveland Black Futures Fund has also received support from the George W. Codrington Charitable Foundation, The HealthComp Foundation, Saint Luke’s Foundation and the Treu-Mart Fund. Additionally, it has received nearly $40,000 in individual donations.

“We’re excited to work with the Cleveland Foundation to help bring much needed funding to nonprofits that are serving and supporting the Black community in Greater Cleveland,” said Marcy Scott Lynn, Facebook director of global impact partnerships, in a press release. “We’re providing funding directly to the Cleveland Foundation to build on its track record of supporting Black-led nonprofits and ensure that people locally are making the decisions about where these dollars are most needed and can have the most impact.”

According to the release, “The overarching goal of the Black Futures Fund is to strengthen the ecosystem of Black leaders and Black-serving organizations in Greater Cleveland by providing intentional resources to help grow organizational infrastructure and capacity. Long term, the foundation aims to deep the field of leaders working to dismantle racism and advance the community towards racial equity.”

The Black Futures Fund also announced the inaugural members of its advisory committee. The seven-person group consists of Courtenay A. Barton, Program Director for Arts and Culture and Racial Equity Initiatives at the Cleveland Foundation; Carrie Carpenter, board member at the Cleveland Foundation; the Rev. Dr. Robin Hedgeman, board member at the Cleveland Foundation; Constance Hill-Johnson, board member at the Cleveland Foundation; Treye Johnson, Regional Outreach Manager at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland; Shanelle Smith Whigham, Vice President of Sustainability and Social Impact at Key Bank; and Timothy L. Tramble Sr., President and CEO of the Saint Luke’s Foundation.

Read more information on the Cleveland Black Futures Fund website here.

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