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Miles Hackney, Dom Hudnall, and Leah Hudnall outside Miles' home on East 177th Street in Lee-Harvard.jpeg

The Land, a nonprofit news organization, wants to better understand the community impact we’re making through our reporting, engagement and collaboration efforts. Our goal is to continuously improve so we can better serve the community.

Since we launched a year ago, we’ve continuously asked for your feedback about what you think of the news and information we’re delivering to you. That’s helped us to refine our mission and programs to serve the community.

Now, we’ve taken some time to develop a survey tool to help us gauge the impact our stories have made. Have you read them? Have you shared them? Did you take any action as a result? This is what we want to learn.

Please take 3 minutes to fill out this survey, and leave your name and email so that we can stay in touch with you. Here’s the direct link:

Thank you!

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