Doing ‘Greyt’ things in Cleveland: How a local entrepreneur is bringing creatives together

Thomas Fox, 36, a do-it-all creative, has built a business designed to bring Cleveland’s artists and entrepreneurs together.

Photo by Alexander Kerr

Thomas Fox, 36, a do-it-all creative, has really outdone himself this time.

This Saturday, April 2nd, the entrepreneur — who also founded a recording studio, organized the famed Brite Winter Fest as creative lead from 2012-2014, and established Cleveland’s Creative Mornings chapter in 2014 — is throwing a party with Brooklyn-based jazz duo Moon Hooch.

Originally, the concert was supposed to be outside at Saucy Brew Works’ outdoor beer garden in Ohio City. But Fox’s new ‘Vibe Garden’ concert series ran afoul of the local block club and the city when it came to getting permits.

The show must go on! Fox scrambled and moved the event inside to the Masonic Auditorium’s Demolay Room at 3615 Euclid Ave. He said he’s sold more than 300 tickets so far.

It’s all in a month’s work for the local entrepreneur behind Greyt Culture, who, coming out of the pandemic, says he’s working on some exciting plans for the future.

Photo by Korey Smerk

Last year, Fox launched the Greyt Big Talks series (formerly Creative Mornings) featuring talks by local entrepreneurs and creatives (think of it as a kind of TEDxCLE). He’s also giving local doers, movers and shakers a place to mingle and showcase their talents through the Golden Hour rooftop happy hour series, which continues this summer as the weather warms.

And finally, Fox’s musical pursuits continue with his outdoor recording series, ‘The Greyt Outdoors,’ and his ‘Vibe Garden’ concert series (er, once he gets that permit issue straightened out).

Rooted in Cleveland and driven by his deep passion for music and connecting people, Fox realized an entrepreneurial path was the way forward for him. He also recognized two things: that he had a knack for community events, and that there was a need for a space where artists and entrepreneurs could showcase what they do.

That’s part of why Fox made the decision to fuse his prior endeavors into Greyt Culture.

“I just wanted to build a platform where Clevelanders can empower one another to do extraordinary things,” Fox said. “Greyt Culture is building the space and lending the mic to those who wish to join the ecosystem we’re building.”



Fox said the impact of Creative Mornings and Greyt Big Talks so far have been that they’ve helped creative entrepreneurs connect with one another, and have even led to the creation of new businesses in Cleveland.

Photo by Jake Rothwell

Now, he has his sights set on expanding its impact in Cleveland and beyond through new programs. Fox is working on invigorating a project that piloted mid-pandemic. Greyt Outdoors is a series of outdoor recording sessions featuring talented musicians in natural settings.

Not only does the upcoming recording series give artists a platform to showcase their talents in nature, but he’s also partnering with local land conservation groups to increase awareness about environmental stewardship. You can catch a glimpse by watching the pilot here. Fox has shot two episodes that will be released soon.

As we settle into 2022, Greyt Culture is actively trying to attract a larger audience outside of Ohio. The first Vibe Garden concert this weekend is an example of this. Fox said the internationally-recognized Moon Hooch “can connect with anyone — regardless of their personal tastes.”

Up next, Golden Hour will return on Friday May 27th at Intro Cleveland on W. 25th St. and will then hold monthly rooftop concerts through September. Greyt Big Talks will also soon begin distributing recordings of its talks through Evergreen Podcasts. The last two live Greyt Big Talk recordings this spring will be Friday, April 22nd and Friday, May 20th, then the group will return from its summer hiatus in the fall.

To learn more about Greyt Culture’s work and get involved,  visit them online at or submit your pitch or idea them for consideration. 



Nate Flauto is a resident of Cleveland’s near west side who participated in The Land’s community journalism program. He grew up in Northeast Ohio and is interested in writing about the people who make Cleveland great.

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