Downtown, Detroit Shoreway set to welcome new businesses this fall

My Cuzin Vintage in Detroit Shoreway.

My Cuzin Vintage in Detroit Shoreway.

Two Cleveland neighborhoods are set to welcome new businesses this fall. At downtown’s Tower City Center, as an ambitious effort gets underway to remake the iconic Cleveland shopping center, three new businesses are opening. And in Detroit Shoreway, the addition of five diverse new businesses including a barbershop and gaming store will add to the neighborhood’s revitalization.

Tower City Center just announced the opening of Jaxon’s Closet, where owner Erica Malone sells boys’ clothing from 6 months through size 14-16. Malone will host a Grand Opening and “Welcome to the Jungle” Fashion Show on October 24.

Another addition is MiAmour, a multi-brand women’s boutique run by entrepreneur Meih Stevenson.

And finally, esthetician Edika Mercedes of Peach Fuzz, specializing in Brazilian waxing, will bring her menu of beauty and grooming services to the heart of the city.

For its part, Detroit Shoreway is set to welcome a diverse array of five new businesses. They include Max Level Gaming, a trading card shop and gaming community; The Blender Barber Studio; My Cuzin Vintage, which trades streetwear and sneakers; Himiko’s Cool World, an 80s deco inspired shop; and the long-awaited coffee roaster Ready Set! Coffee. Screenshots, which are courtesy of the Detroit Shoreway Community Development Corporation, are included below.

Max Level Gaming.jpg

My Cuzin Vintage.jpg

Blender Barber Studio.jpg

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