Q&A: Ashley Blood, senior public relations major at Kent State University

The Land recently talked with Ashley Blood, a senior public relations major at Kent State University and an intern with The Land.

Tell us about yourself and what attracted you to The Land?

I was attracted to The Land’s mission and its passion for fulfilling the news and information needs of Cleveland neighborhoods that often go unrepresented and underreported. Even though I never really saw myself working for a not-for-profit or a startup after graduation, I have always loved Cleveland and what the city has to offer, so working for a startup that strives to make Cleveland better sounded like a great opportunity for me!

What have you been working on?

I have been working on a lot of email marketing, creating automations such as welcome sequences, membership renewal sequences, etc., making sure the Land’s readers and members feel the love The Land has for Cleveland and the deep appreciation The Land has for its members and donors. Additionally, I have been doing a lot of industry research that has been so helpful for me as a PR student and has helped me build my skills within different industry tools such as MailChimp. Throughout my internship this semester, I have also been making recommendations for how The Land is able to improve its PR and marketing strategies in the future.

How has your background in PR informed the work you’ve been doing?

My background in PR has definitely informed a lot of the work I’ve been doing! For example, I’ve learned a lot about email marketing, email pitching, and all the different ways you can use emails to get your message across and encourage your audience to take action. While I’ve never had any actual experience using those skills in the real world up until this internship, I have still been able to use the best practices my professors have given me in order to make these campaigns as successful as possible. I think my background in PR has also been beneficial when discussing what the community at The Land wants and what they expect from us and using that knowledge as the basis for everything I do in this internship. 

What has been your most valuable learning so far?

I think what has been most valuable to me thus far is getting actual hands-on experience with many different industry tools that I had never used prior to getting this internship. I’m glad I get the experience to learn and use these tools, such as MailChimp, so that I am more prepared on how to use them in my career. Additionally, I have been constantly working on my writing skills and improving them throughout this internship, which has been extremely helpful in my coursework for my senior capstone class this year.

What are your plans for after graduation?

After graduation, I am hoping to go into the music and entertainment industries in public relations. I don’t have a job lined up yet, but I love everything about music and the fan experience and would love to expand my career in that industry.

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