The Land accepted into Democracy SOS program

The Land is thrilled to have been accepted into Hearken/Solutions Journalism Network’s Democracy SOS fellowship program, which aims to help newsrooms “experiment with new ways to strengthen democracy by working with and for the communities they serve.”

Our team (Lee Chilcote, Michael Indriolo and Aja Hannah with The Land) will be using the fellowship as an opportunity expand upon and deepen our elections and civic engagement reporting.

Here’s the list of folks who were accepted (yay, Cleveland Observer!):

Atlanta Civic Circle – Georgia

Charlottesville Tomorrow – Virginia

El Paso Matters – Texas

Enlace Latino – North Carolina

KPFT-FM – Texas

KUNR Public Radio – Nevada

Latino News Network – Northeast & Midwest

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – Wisconsin

QCity Metro – North Carolina

The Arizona Republic – Arizona

The Cleveland Observer – Ohio

The Kansas City Star – Missouri & Kansas

The Land – Ohio

The San Fernando Valley Sun/ El Sol Newspaper – California

The Texas Tribune – Texas

Wisconsin Watch – Wisconsin

WITF – Pennsylvania

WUSF Public Media – Florida

WXIA – Georgia

Wyofile – Wyoming

Here’s more info on the sponsors:

Solutions Journalism Network (SJN): While journalists focus most of their coverage on what’s gone wrong, SJN seeks to rebalance the news by equipping journalists to investigate and explain, in a critical and clear-eyed way, how people are trying to solve social problems. Since its founding in 2013, SJN has worked with more than 600 news organizations and 25,000 journalists worldwide through in-person workshops and online resources and webinars.

Hearken helps organizations embed stakeholder listening into their growth and operations to build more resilient companies and communities. Hearken has shown that listening leads to stronger relationships, deeper engagement and better decisions, and enables individuals to make an outsize positive impact in the world. In 2020, Hearken worked in collaboration with more than two dozen civic organizations (including SJN) to stand up and deliver Election SOS, which supported journalists in responding to critical election information needs.

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