The Land joins the Report for America / Local Media Association Sustainability Lab

An image featuring photos of the leaders of 20 news organizations accepted into the Report for America, Local Media Association, and Meta Sustainability Lab

The Land is among 20 newsrooms selected to be part of the RFA/LMA Sustainability Lab, a new partnership between Report for America, Local Media Association and Meta Journalism Project to catalyze philanthropic and business model innovation for local newsrooms.

Support from Meta Journalism Project will enable newsrooms in the lab, run by LMA for RFA partner media organizations, to complete a six-month best practices course on philanthropy and other revenue strategies. The curriculum is based on lessons from LMA’s Pathways to Philanthropy Playbook, as well as the Meta Branded Content Project and Reader Revenue programs. The lab will also leverage Report for America’s track record of supporting and training local newsroom leaders to venture into local fundraising, often for the first time.

“The key to growing our nonprofit newsroom is sustainability,” said Lee Chilcote, executive director of The Land. “We’re looking forward to participating in the LMA/RFA Sustainability Lab because we think it will help us develop a roadmap for increasing our support through philanthropy, major donors, and membership. That support will allow us to keep creating journalism that empowers people in our community.”

The RFA/LMA Sustainability Lab will run from April through September, with fundraising completed by the end of 2022. LMA and RFA will partner to share case studies on news organization lessons and successes that can be applied across the news industry.

Meet the rest of the class

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