Cleveland schools offer free summer learning experiences for students and families

Photo courtesy of CMSD.

Photo courtesy of CMSD.

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) will be offering free summer learning experiences for students in preschool through 12th grade. 

The program will also offer enrichment opportunities for CMSD families including financial literacy, stress management and nutrition workshops.

According to the CMSD website, these summer learning experiences offer students the opportunity to “finish, enrich and engage” in learning. 

Students will be able to finish schoolwork disrupted by the pandemic and earn credits towards their next school year. Students in kindergarten through eighth grade will focus on language arts and math while high school students will make up credits, earn new class credits and prepare for college entrance exams. 

The program also offers enrichment opportunities for students to dig into special interests in areas like STEM, arts, humanities and career technical opportunities for high school students. 

To engage students, the program offers outdoor activities with community partners including a theatre internship at the John Marshall Campus and Sandstone Summer Theatre, Chamber Leadership Academy and band camps.  

The CMSD Summer Learning Experience is offering two four week sessions. The first, from June 7 to July 2 and the second from July 12 to August 6. A full list of locations for the learning sites is available on CMSD’s website. CMSD will also provide shuttle transportation to the learning sites and provide breakfast and lunch. 

Sessions will be in-person, five days a week for the full four weeks, including a kick-off event at the beginning of the session and a Demonstration of Learning event on the last day where students will get to showcase what they’ve done over the four week period. Registration opened Monday, May 3 and students will can register for both four week sessions. 

In regard to Covid-19 safety measures, CMSD will be implementing the CDC’s new guidelines for maintaining three feet of social distance between people and continuing the use of masks and hand sanitizer. 

In a video explainer on CMSD’s website, Eric Gordon, CEO of CMSD, said “This is our opportunity to put Covid behind us and really get deeply engaged in our learning.”

Maria McGinnis is a senior journalism student at Kent State University and an editorial intern with The Land.

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