Metroparks opens new play space for kids of all ages at Edgewater Park

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On Friday, July 9th, Cleveland Metroparks celebrated the opening of the city’s most distinctive new playground: the Lindsey Family Play Space, a one-acre park that includes such unique features as boulders, water and sand, tunnels, climbing structures, a twisting slide, and shaded areas to rest.

Cleveland Metroparks found inspiration in the design of the new park within its own network, the Emerald Necklace, which serves as the natural feature that influenced the materials used for The Lindsey Family Play Space. 

“The new Lindsey Family Play Space is the result of a shared mission to connect more children with nature and recreational opportunities in our community,” said Brian Zimmerman, CEO of Cleveland Metroparks, in a press release.

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The new addition to Edgewater Park was made possible by generous gifts from Brett and Teresa Lindsey, as well as support and contributions from additional donors.

“Cleveland is our home, and our family has been blessed to have successful businesses here that drives a responsibility to give back. Our hope is that the park brings joy to families when they come visit Edgewater Park,” said Brett Lindsey in a release.

This new play area, which aims to serve all ages and abilities, can be found near the Upper Edgewater Picnic Shelter at Edgewater Park. The play space is connected to open fields as well as a new paved loop trail and is accessible from Edgewater Beach and surrounding neighborhoods.

Andres Ibarra is a journalism major at The Ohio State University and an intern with The Land.

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