Need to Know: Bop Stop explores outside concerts, Rust Belt Riders rolls on, library offers online programs

Getting ready to bop again: Bop Stop manager Gabe Pollack says it’s too early to restart the concert venue, which could open as a bar or restaurant on May 21st but still can’t provide live music. However, he’s looking into other creative ways to get things bopping again. He’s researching holding outdoor concerts, possibly in the Bop Stop parking lot or the small park along the Shoreway, to provide socially distanced live music. ⬥ Ideastream

The people’s (online) university: Cleveland Public Library has announced that it’s bringing back popular summer programs and services that will be offered by phone and online using videoconferencing software. Get ready for writing workshops, arts and crafts for kids and families, vocal arts mastery classes, online tutoring, telehealth appointments and more. The library has not announced plans to reopen yet. “We are aware that many do not have reliable internet service,” said chief equity, education and engagement officer Dr. Sadie Winlock in an email. “For this reason, we have designed our programs to be enjoyed online or by phone. Wi-Fi is still accessible outside our library buildings.” ⬥ CPL

Rust Belt Riders rolls on: Before Covid-19 came along, Rust Belt Riders had grown to nine full-time workers. Now, after hitting pause for two months, the composting company is getting back to work. With all of the uncertainty at restaurants, owner Daniel Brennan Brown expects to lose some commercial customers, but with more people cooking at home, he hopes to make up for it on the residential side (pick-up starts at $30 per month). “We’re observing a relationship to food and food systems that’s more intimate than it’s been in a long time,” he says. “You may be throwing a lot of food away that doesn’t need to be thrown away. Recycling for Cleveland residents isn’t even happening. How are you as an individual or business going to make meaningful waste diversion practices a part of your life? We are quite literally the only service that can guarantee that in the city of Cleveland.” ⬥ Rust Belt Riders

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